Automation 2023-0
Digital Black-0
Altered Past Altered-0
2079 Change of World Order10
Armageddon The Final Prophecy10
Birth of an Island10
Collective Consciousness10
Global War Aftermath and the End of Phoenix Period10
Mafiosi Killing10
Meteor Strikes as Harbingers of Change10
Moonsoon Rains10
Reversal of Aging Process10
Secularization of a Superstate10
Six Lucky Gamblers10
Submarine Warfare10
The Arrival10
The Book Burning and the Battle of Sexes10
The Discovery of the Philosopher's Stone10
The Emancipation of Muslim Women10
The Future of Israel10
The World Leader10
Winter Freeze and the Birth of the Third Antichrist10
All is Known20
Atomic Seas20
Atomic Simulation20
Black Death Offering20
Bronze Corruption20
Bronze Warriors20
Calm Before the Storm20
Da Vinci's Creation20
Fall of the Berlin Wall 198920
Genghis Khan: The Making of the Modern World20
Independence Hero20
Indian Independence Rapture20
Medieval Conquest20
Reich Hive Mind20
Reign of Blood20
The Atomic Arrival20
The Beginning20
The Black Death Plague Arrives in England20
The Creation of the Internet20
The First Age of Men20
The F├╝hrer20
The Iron Age20
The Minds of Men20
The Maoist Empire20
The Palace20
The Reich20
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich20
The Stones20
War of the Roses Begins20

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